Energy Efficiency Is Not Sexy But It Works

“Green” is the word of the decade, and is applied to all sorts of items.  We are urged to keep greening our lives, our homes, our purchases for the good of the planet.  But let’s step back a minute, and recognize that “green” today is just the “energy efficiency” of yesterday, and the “don’t throw it away you might need it again” mentality of years past.  Your parents and grandparents knew what they were talking about.  And today, we can again choose wisely before we purchase.  Choosing quality, durable, long-lasting materials was green before they colored it.  And making smart decisions concerning energy efficiency will save you money long after the purchase.  In fact, it may even cost you less money in the long run.  Windows that don’t leak air, that don’t face the sunset and build up heat in the home, will also let you buy a smaller air conditioning system that won’t run as often.  Money in your wallet.

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